Bald Rock National Park

I had a short stay at Bald Rock National Park, NSW, in August. With clear weather and no moon lighting the night sky, one of my main aims was to photograph the stars from the top of Bald Rock. The plan seemed sound, but what I didn't count on was the mist that enveloped the summit of Bald Rock when I climbed up there on the first morning, and Little Bald Rock the next morning....barely a star to be seen! So star photography was out, but my initial disappointment quickly evaporated as I instead focused on the evocative scenes that were coming in and out of view through the swirling mist. It's hard to stay mad at such a spectacular landscape.

Here are some of my favourites from the trip. 

17mm, f8, 185 sec, ISO100

17mm, f11, 30 sec, ISO100

17mm, f11, 1/2 sec, ISO100

17mm, f11, 1/5 sec, ISO100

40mm, f11, 1/5 sec, ISO100

31mm, f11, 1/6 sec, ISO100

38mm, f8, 1/30 sec, ISO100

40mm, f8, 1/10 sec, ISO100

32mm, f8, 1/15 sec, ISO100

40mm, f11, 1/4 sec, ISO100


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