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The temperatures finally started to cool down in May so I packed up my gear and headed off to visit some National Parks on the northern tablelands of New South Wales. First it was back to the Boonoo Boonoo River for four days of hiking and photographing under blue skies. The river was receding after heavy rain and was still running a little dirty, but all the cascades were flowing strongly so I found plenty to keep myself entertained and my camera busy. From my campsite on the Boonoo Boonoo River it was only a short drive to Bald Rock National Park, so I headed over there one morning and scaled the rock in time for sunrise. A low mist hanging in the valleys and an almost-full moon setting to the west made it a special experience to be up there alone - one of those moments that reminds me why it's worth getting out of a warm bed at 4am to put on the hiking boots.

Later in May I headed further west to Kwiambal National Park on the Severn and Macintyre Rivers. Both of these rivers were flowing well too but the Macintyre in particular was running very brown, probably because of sediment it had picked up on it's course through farmland before it enters the National Park. The water colour was a bit unsightly for photography so I tried to find options and compositions that didn't make it too obvious. I love walking the rugged, rocky countryside in this area but it doesn't always translate easily into appealing images. The grey-green woodlands of native cypress and silver-leaved ironbark can look flat and drab in most light and the rocks are often angular and harsh rather than smooth and inviting. I like to think the beauty of this country is hidden beneath a gruff exterior - it doesn't invite you to enjoy it like a lush rainforest or a woodland full of autumn colour might but there is plenty of reward if you take some time to get to know it. For me it is a work in progress.

Here is a selection of personal favourites from the last month.

Boonoo Boonoo River

37mm, f18, 1/5 sec, ISO100

17mm, f11, 1/6 sec, ISO100

36mm, f16, 1/2 sec, ISO100

17mm, f8, 1/3 sec, ISO100

24mm, f7.1, 1/8 sec, ISO100

40mm, f11, 1/6 sec, ISO100

36mm, f8, 1/4 sec, ISO200

26mm, f11, 1/8 sec, ISO100

17mm, f11, 1/15 sec, ISO100

Bald Rock

70mm, f16, 1 sec, ISO100

149mm, f8, 1/6 sec, ISO100

35mm, f11, 128 sec, ISO100

100mm, f8, 1/15 sec, ISO100

19mm, f11, 1/13 sec, ISO100

40mm, f11, 1/8 sec, ISO100

40mm, f11, 1 sec, ISO100


17mm, f11, 182 sec, ISO100 (foreground exposure 253 sec)

17mm, f11, 5 sec, ISO100

17mm, f11, 140 sec, ISO200

17mm, f11, 1/2 sec, ISO100

17mm, f11, 1/15 sec, ISO100

38mm, f13, 1/13 sec, ISO100


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