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January 2015 was a typically wet and warm month here in south-east Queensland. I made it out for 10 sunrise photo sessions during the month and was rained on 6 times....the other 4 times, it was either just about to rain or it just had! That's not unusual given the sub-tropical climate here and, annoying as the rain can be, at least it's not cold. The big bonus with this sort of weather, photographically speaking, is the heavy cloud banks that add drama to landscape images. Whereas winter can be a time of monotonously clear skies (not monotonous for the holiday-makers), the unsettled weather of summer brings all sorts of cloud patterns that add texture and atmosphere to a scene. One morning on Warana Beach, I was even greeted with flashes of lightning out to sea...after a few unsuccessful attempts, I managed to capture one flash (last image below).

Here is a selection of my favourite images from the last month.

Coolum  104mm, f11, 1sec, ISO100

Point Arkwright   17mm, f11, 1/3sec, ISO200

Point Arkwright   17mm, f11, 3.2sec, ISO100

Gardners Falls, Maleny   32mm, f11, 3.2sec, ISO100

Gardners Falls, Maleny   26mm, f11, 1/4sec, ISO100

Point Cartwright   17mm, f11, 60sec, ISO100

Point Cartwright   17mm, f8, 1/2sec, ISO200

Point Cartwright   40mm, f11, 1/2sec, ISO100

Point Cartwright   32mm, f13, 98sec, ISO100

Shelly Beach, Caloundra   17mm, f11, 90sec, ISO100

Moffat Head, Caloundra   17mm, f11, 20sec, ISO100

Moffat Head, Caloundra   31mm, f8, 1/30sec, ISO100

Warana Beach   17mm, f11, 1.6sec, ISO200


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