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40mm, f11, 1/3 sec, ISO100

39mm, f11, 1/2 sec, ISO100

Shelly Beach, Caloundra

17mm, f16, 1/8 sec, ISO100

17mm, f11, 1.6 sec, ISO100

29mm, f11, 1.3 sec, ISO100

Point Cartwright

19mm, f11, 0.5 sec, ISO100

17mm, f11, 0.4 sec, ISO100

Red Beach, Bribie Island

17mm, f11, 1.3sec, ISO200

40mm, f11, 1/13 sec, ISO100

17mm, f11, 0.3 sec, ISO100 

Sundown National Park

There's a short article about my trip to Sundown National Park, along with my favourite images from the trip, here.

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