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I visited and photographed two great areas in June - New England National Park in New South Wales, and the Goomburra section of Main Range National Park in Queensland. I've posted some of my favourite images from New England NP in an article here, along with a little information about their capture.

Wright's Lookout, New England National Park


The Cascades Trail is a 6km circuit that follows the course of Dalrymple Creek through woodland and rainforest. Along the way are many picturesque pools and minor waterfalls to explore and photograph. Floods earlier this year washed out some of the foot-bridges along the track so it takes some care and agility to keep your feet dry. National Parks rangers have placed stepping stones in places to assist while a rebuilding program is planned. But this is a minor inconvenience - the tall forests, abundant birdlife and ever-gurgling creek make this walk an absolute pleasure.

A short drive from the Goomburra camping area brings you to the Araucaria Falls track, named for the abundant hoop pine, Araucaria cunninghamii. The track delivers you to the bottom of Araucaria Falls where tall rainforest cloaks the banks and filters out much of the sunlight. The steep banks and huge boulders around the plunge pool limit your movements, but there are still plenty of options for photography or to take off your boots and cool your feet in the water - although the air temperature was around 20C when I was there so there was no thought of removing my boots!



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