Bribie Island area

New photos this week are from the Bribie Island area - firstly, some colourful sunrise shots taken from the foreshore at Turners Camp Road, Ningi. It's always exciting to see this sort of cloud formation in the pre-dawn sky when you're driving to a photo just know there's going to be plenty of colour and drama to spice up sunrise photos. I used the same mangrove tree as foreground interest in all three shots - it stands apart from the other mangroves so is easly to isolate in the frame and create a simple composition in which the sky and clouds dominate.

I love the misshapen, wind-sculpted form of this fig tree in the car park (below) - it seemed to be leaning back to soak up the warm light of sunrise.

Another morning, and this time a much less dramatic sky over Woorim Beach on Bribie Island.

Imbil State Forest

The forest areas around Kenilworth are something of an old stamping ground for me - the campgrounds at Booloumba Creek and Little Yabba Creek were high on my list of weekend getaways back in the 1990s. So my stay at the Charlie Moreland camping area in Imbil State Forest last week was a chance to revisit some favourite places I hadn't seen in years.

There are patches of remnant rainforest and large areas of eucalypt woodland to explore near the camping area, but there are also large tracts planted out with various species of pine, including the native hoop pine.

Recent harvesting operations had cleared some hillsides that had been hidden from view for years - I know timber is an important commodity, and plantation harvesting is in a lot of ways a better deal than logging of native forests, but it's hard to enjoy a scene of recent clearfelling. Standing on a ridge looking down on hectares of stumps and logging debris, without a single bird call breaking the silence, really jars the I choose not to post any of the photos I took of these scenes!

Down along Little Yabba Creek you can almost forget about the logging that goes on up on the hillsides. Native trees and shrubs, darting forest birds and clear flowing water help restore some sense of balance.

One morning I took a short stroll with my camera along the Mt Allan hiking trail. It's around 4km to the top of Mt Allan, and the going is STEEP!!, so having slept a little longer than intended, I opted for a shorter walk up the first ridge to catch the sunrise. It's a couple of years since I'd walked this trail, and the first ridge that was then covered in tall pines was now bare except for grasses and weeds. That was disappointing, but it opened up the view back down towards the camping area where a blanket of mist had settled in the valley.

Toorbul & Whitepatch

Some new images from the Bribie Island area.....the first two were taken along the Toorbul waterfront, and the others are from a colourful morning at Whitepatch on Bribie Island.

Red Beach, Bribie Island

These images are from a dawn session last Wednesday on Red Beach at the southern end of Bribie Island. The first one was taken about 20 minutes before the sun peeped over the horizon, so an exposure time of 30 seconds was needed to light the dark foreground. The sandy tidal flats here are quite firm and are a pleasure to stroll around, unlike the sucking mud you have to contend with on a lot of nearby foreshores. As always, the receding tide left some lovely patterns and textures in the sand that caught the first rays of light and made interesting subjects.

Back towards the west, the lighting and colours were much softer with some nice pastel shades in the sky. There's always driftwood on Red Beach to add foreground interest to photos, and on this morning, a gnarly band of low cloud added some drama to the sky. The cloud band went from white to pink to bright orange as the sun rose behind me (see below).

I don't dabble much with black and white photography - I often feel that b&w shots only tell half the story of a landscape scene and miss out on one of the most important ingredients - the colours of nature. On the other hand, changing a photo to b&w can sometimes add drama and atmosphere while at the same time simplifying the overall image, and for this reason it's still quite a popular medium. I think it works quite will with this image because there aren't a lot of strong colours to start with, and mainly because I like what it's done to the sky and clouds. I used a digital red filter to convert to b&w and this has added some dramatic contrast to the cloud band. I'm still undecided which I like better - colour or b&w - so I've included both. I'd be interested to hear which one readers prefer so drop me an email if you have an opinion.

Another pre-sunrise view to the west with some pinks starting to come through just above the horizon.

....and then the sun came up and the cloud band lit up like a fluffy beacon for about 2 minutes. 

Walking back to the car I spotted this snail track in the sand and couldn't resist a can see the snail still at it just below centre-right. I would have liked to stick around to see the final design but that was probably a few hours away....and the thought of a hot cup of coffee was too tempting.


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