Gibraltar-Washpool World Heritage Area

Coombadjha Creek
Coombadjha Creek is one of the main attractions in Washpool NP. It provides plenty of opportunities for photos of creek-scapes with crystal clear water and rocky cascades under a canopy of green. It can be quite dark under the canopy even at midday so a tripod and long shutter speeds are usually necessary to capture detail in the most shaded areas. These photos were taken early in the morning before any sunlight had penetrated the canopy – even in dark places like this it pays to be there early or late in the day to take advantage of the soft, low-contrast lighting.


Boundary Falls
Boundary Falls is in a part of Gibraltar Range NP I hadn't explored before. The small campground is located 5 minutes walk from the impressive Boundary Falls and its beautiful plunge pool surrounded by ferns and rushes. These photos were taken late in the afternoon from various spots around the plunge's one of those places you could spend all day and still find new angles and compositions to photograph.

Duffer Falls
Around 45 minutes walk from Boundary Falls, Duffer Falls is a stunningly beautiful series of cascades and rock pools surrounded by dry woodland. The creek drops steeply through several sets of falls before plunging off the edge of the ridge into the Boundary Creek valley several hundred metres below. It's easy to rockhop around the falls and pools to find different photographic angles of the creek, and there are also some great views down into the valley. A strong wind made photography a little difficult while I was there, blowing treetops around and whipping fine spray off the falls....which just means I'll have to visit again to try and get some of the shots that didn't work out this time.

Raspberry Lookout

New photos - Obi Obi Ck and Sandstone Point

The southern section of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk in Kondalilla National Park follows the course of Obi Obi Creek downstream from the Baroon Pocket Dam wall. Around 20 minutes walk from the car park you come to a lookout perched above a steep sided gorge known as the Narrows. Apart from the lookout platform, there aren’t too many safe vantage points (unless you’re a mountain goat), so most photographs taken from this spot show pretty much the same view. I scrambled down to the top of a small waterfall just below the lookout so I could include some flowing water in the foreground.

Around 50 metres back from the edge of the gorge is another narrow waterfall spilling out of the rainforest. Mist from this waterfall has created a wet environment for ferns and mosses which added some lovely colour and detail to these photos. A polarising filter helped bring out the deep greens of the fern fronds.

Back on the beach, this time at Sandstone Point near Bribie Island, the early morning light produced some nice warm colours on the mangrove trunks....which was just as well because everything else about the morning was cold!

New photos - Beachmere 5.7.11

The early morning low tides this week presented opportunities for some interesting sunrise shots on the mud and sand flats around the Brisbane area. I spent a couple of hours at Beachmere one morning and came up with a few new images that focus on mangroves and patterns in the sand.

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