The images on this website, and on our Facebook page, can be licensed for a variety of uses. If you find an image that you would like to use in a calendar, book, brochure, website, or any other print or electronic medium, please contact us.

Prices* (AUD)

Cover image** (book, magazine, CD, DVD, company report, etc)                     2 year license      $400

Internal image** (book, magazine, company report, etc)                                     2 year license
                                                                                                            half page                                             $80                          
                                                                                                            half to full page                                 $200
                                                                                                            double page                                      $300

Business card, greeting card, postcard, brochure, poster, other stationery     2 year license       $180

Corporate logo, product label, advertising billboard, point of sale display     5 year license       $700

Calendar                                                                                                                       1 year license         $200

Web use only (one website)                                                                                     2 year license
                                                                                                            up to 350 pixels                                $39
                                                                                                           351 - 800 pixels                                 $69
                                                                                                           801 - 1200 pixels                               $99

* All prices are for single use of an image for worldwide distribution – please contact us for a quote for multiple uses, or for requirements not listed above. Not-for-profit uses will attract a significantly reduced charge.

** Licenses for images used in books, CDs, DVDs etc are valid for the duration of the first edition/print run or 2 years, whichever is longer.

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