The images on this website were captured with a Canon 5D MkII EOS digital SLR camera. Most of the images were captured during the ‘golden hours’ around dawn and dusk to take advantage of the rich colours and even lighting that these times of day bring. I always use a tripod and remote shutter-release. 

I sometimes use graduated neutral density filters to balance the exposure between foreground and sky, but more often these days I bracket exposures and manually blend them together in Photoshop. This means extra time at the computer but I feel it often produces superior results to ND grads, particularly when there is a complex horizon broken by trees or hills. I routinely use a circular polarising filter to reduce glare on water and wet foliage, and neutral density filters to extend exposure times for motion-blur effects.

All of my images are captured as Canon RAW files and then processed in SilkyPix Pro and Photoshop to balance exposures, restore colours and contrast and to add sharpness.  Photographic software is an essential part of digital photography - my primary aim with processing is to restore the dynamic range of light values that our eyes can see but the camera cannot adequately capture in a single image. I don't insert alternative skies or other features that were not present when the image was captured, but I sometimes remove minor distracting elements (eg. twigs poking into frame) using the clone tool. Every photographer must decide how far they are comfortable in pushing reality when it comes to processing and I don't decry those who take a more liberal or artistic approach. But I am personally most satisfied with an image that is an honest representation of the scene as I experienced it.

My current setup for landscape photography includes.

Camera:    Canon 5d MkII EOS digital camera
Lenses:     Canon L series 17-40mm F4.0
                    Canon L series 70-200mm F4.0
Tripod:       Manfrotto 190CXPRO3 legs with 322RC2 ball head
Filters:       Cokin Z-pro graduated neutral density
                    Cokin Z-pro neutral density
                    Hoya Pro1-D circular polariser
Other         Panasonic Lumix LX3 compact camera (for quick snaps while on the march)
                    Canon RS-80N3 remote shutter release

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